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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Houston 'Round the World

On Tuesday morning we left Austin for Houston (thanks again to Dave and Bethany for letting us crash) on a fairly familiar route for me, HWY 71 to I-10 (yes, the same one). Before we hit Houston we stopped off at the Clements household in Katy to see one of my high school buddies, Scott Clements. He and his wife Jessica have an adorable 1-year old son, Harrison, and live in a lovely, spacious home. Scott and I had a chance to catch up, discuss Big 12 football and the Mike Leach affair/"concussiongate" (Scott went to Texas Tech), and look at some very old and hilarious pictures he had.

We left Katy and headed into Houston to meet my college/camp friend Garland and eat some Schlotzky's sandwiches ("silly name, serious sandwich"). Delish. We unpacked and relaxed at Garland's for a while, met his friend Joe who had just NASCARly evaded a multiple car crash on the freeway, and got ready to go out and paint the town red. We met up with Wilson and K-Dal and Kevin's wife Katie (lovely house Dalrymples, and GO SPURS!) for some Tex-Mex and then some drinks (a lot of drinks, for some of us ;) ...) Will Cobb showed up to dish some wisdom and wit, shoot the shit, and there was even a guest appearance by Weiss. Thanks for coming out everyone, Nicole and I both had a great time and I think left Houston with a better appreciation for it than we entered with. I sometimes badmouth Houston. deal with that

We left Houston the next morning and went through Cleveland and then Atlanta (the towns in Texas) and then up to Memphis, TN.

Just like Paul Simon did... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXgQtL3aEmQ


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