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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keep Austin Weird

Some more memories from Kerrville -

Austin was a whirlwind.

Our first task in Austin was to drop the car off to get the oil/fluids changed, tires checked, and windshield wipers replaced. With all of that we got a free car wash. BOO-YAH! While we waited for our brand new, shiny car, we ate Thundercloud, which, for those of you who don't know (I just learned yesterday), is one of Austin's famous sandwhich shops. It was delicious and made the time waiting for the car much more enjoyable. From there we walked on Guadalupe (pronounced ...Gwad uh loop... but the river, spelled the same way, is pronounced correctly in its native tongue - odd) to find Mike a new travel mug with a Longhorn on it. We failed but we found a Seattle's Best Coffee mug for a dollar. Only in Austin! We then met up with Mike's brother Kevin and his wife Liza to enjoy some sushi and good conversation. From there we rushed to meet up with Mike's sister Kelly and her boyfriend Sam. We ate a yummy Longhorn, grassfed beef burger and fried pickle chips. Yummy. There wasn't much time as we had to rush off to see Dave, a friend of mine from high school, but it was a blast. We stopped by Dave's for a quick beer and hello, and just enough time to warm up by the fire. But, within thirty minutes, we had to rush off (again), but this time to meet a good friend of Mike's on his "lunch break" at 9:15 pm. I say they just call it "break" as lunch at 9:15 doesn't really work. I'm just saying. It was great to see Phil, but he was also on a time schedule and within thirty minutes we were on our way. Although we originally thought we'd stay at Kelly's place, we decided to go back to Dave's to play some music and shoot the shit. We ended up crashing there and are headed for Houston!

Thanks to everyone in Austin! It was great seeing y'all! We'll see you in NYC soon (c:

PS: There are no pictures for our Austin visit, sorry folks!

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