Mike and Nicole

Monday, January 25, 2010

Corolla, Meet Snow

Today was our first day on the road. It was much sadder than I had anticipated; however, the sun was shining, the roads were clear, and we still managed to have some fun. We took a slight detour and enjoyed lunch (one final trip to In & Out) and a bit of gambling in Laughlin, NV, a.k.a. "Vegas Junior Junior.” It was great to get out of the car and walk around a bit. It was much needed as there is absolutely NO space left in our car. I'm not kidding, not one inch.

Flagstaff, AZ welcomed us with 3 feet of snow and 35 degree weather. We’re not in Cali anymore, folks. Mike and I spent a few hours walking around Historic Downtown, window shopping mostly as all of the stores were closed, and of course, playing in the snow. I attempted a snow angel and enjoyed eating an icicle, while Mike threw snowballs either at me or at icicles in an attempt to break them. YAY! for snow and feeling like a kid again. It was fun, but seeing as we’re not yet used to the cold weather, we needed a hot chocolate and a brisk walk back to the hotel to get warm.

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