Mike and Nicole

Monday, January 25, 2010

Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow

Leaving Los Angeles with a bang was a necessity and pleasantly this need was met by our friends out west. To you guys, best wishes to all, breast wishes for some, blessed wishes for others, and try to keep it zestfully clean if at all possible pups.

Great goodbye party and a big thanks goes out to everyone who chipped in, helped out, or showed up.

As usual, the evening had to be pieced together somewhat the following day by the stragglers - but the results are in - and the verdict is AMAZINGNESS. Add John's broken bed, a dislodged stained glass window, a beer-soaked couch, rabid idolatry, and no remaining giveaway items (wink, wink), and the party ranks right up there with any celebration in recorded human history. But now...


But it may take a while...

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