Mike and Nicole

Thursday, January 28, 2010

white knuckle ridin'

have you driven on a road so frozen cold
that folks goin' 50 you deemed 'em bold
slippin and slidin white knuckle ridin'
actin' tough, dyin' inside and
hopin' like hell we reach roswell
before we slam in-to a dell
ah well - twill be twill be
twasn't our time you'll see
we've yet to shine - like a key
buffed to bling like a diamond ring
and sing like a bird what kind? mocking
Nicole by my side
poles flying by
the aliens nigh
just one deep sigh
a breath
don't fret
my pet
it's wet
and dicey
you bet
it's icy
tabasco is spicy
jerky is pricey
12 bucks for a bag no thanks that's a drag
i'll dehydrate and kill the meat myself
even if it's bison
we made it

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